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What is a Router?

A router is the network device that allows computers on your network to communicate with each other and the internet.

What router should I use for my business?

When determining what router you should use for your business, Innessco recommends that you consider the following:
  1. Cost of the Router
  2. Cost of any installation services
  3. Cost of resolving any support incidents
  4. Cost to the business of any outage
Innessco is able to support and manage any type of router. The routers that we most commonly deal with are:

Router Type

Hardware Estimate
Installation Estimate
Support Incident Frequency
1. ISP Router
Free-included with ISP contract
Free – included with ISP contract
2. Draytek Small Business Router
Every 2 years
3. Cisco 800 Small Business Router
Every 4 years
Our experience has demonstrated the following differences between these routers:
  1. Reliability – you can expect fewer network incidents with the more advanced routers.
  2. Performance – the more advanced routers are more effective as sharing network bandwidth between multiple users when under load; that is, one “busy” computer is less likely to cause problems for the entire network.
  3. Monitoring – the more advanced router provides more detailed performance statistics to assist in resolving problems.
  4. Functionality – the more advanced routers provide more complex network functions, i.e. making printers accessible over the internet.

Our Recommendation

  • If you are a home user - go with the ISP router
  • If you are a business user with less than 5 users – select theDraytek
  • If you are a business user with more than 5 users - select the Cisco

Call 02 8011 0669 or email Robert, for further information.

Innessco Hosting Update

On the 9th April, Innessco will upgrade the Hosting Centre.  Innessco will be:  

  • Adding a further 14 Terabytes of Tier 1, Serial Attached SCSI disk capacity; and
  • Connecting all the servers to a 10 GB Network Switch.

The Data Centre upgrade will require a planned outage.  Innessco clients who use the our managed services have been notified of the change.

What does the Data Centre update mean to you?

This increase in network connectivity between each server will reduce the time backup and replication services take to complete.  In testing completed by Innessco, a typical backup that used to take 30 minutes will finish in less than 10 minutes.  The change will enable Innessco to offer clients: 

  • New products to assist with High Availability and Disaster Recovery; as well as
  • Space to store your increased data volumes.

To find out more 

Security Alert – Cryptolocker 

nnessco has recently assisted a client who had file data on their shared drives encrypted by a Cryptolocker virus. The result was that they were unable to read/edit the encrypted files on their shared drives.  You have two options when in this situation – pay a ransom in the order of $1,000 for the files to be unencrypted or recover the files from your most recent backup.  To prevent this happening to you, we recommend: 

  1. Make sure that your anti-virus software is up to date 
  1. Configure more restrictive security settings on your network / workstation to assist preventing the Cryptolocker program from running 
  1. Before clicking a link in an emails, hover over the link and check that the domain for the link (ie matches what you are expecting 
  1. When browsing the internet, again ensure that the domain (ie for the pages you are accessing match what you expect 
  1. If in doubt, call the Innessco helpdesk on 02 8011 0666.  

Click here of email Robert Cox for more information


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