Security Tips for Safeguard Passwords in your Law Firm

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Technical Tip – Password Management

With several reports of identity theft occurring in the press recently – there are a number of precautions you should take to manage your security:

  • Change your passwords regularly (add a sequence to your standard password to make it easier to remember, e.g. towns between Sydney and Brisbane)
  • – Football4Gosford
  • – Football4Newcastle
  • – Football4Forster
  • Whilst regularly is subjective, changing passwords quarterly on work access accounts is widely recommended
  • Use a password remembering application – Robert uses “1Password“, use this list to
  • – remember all your accounts and passwords
  • – ensure you change all your account passwords, should you receive news about a large scale password breach, “e.g. yahoo”
  • – remind you to close down sites that you don’t use anymore, e.g. MySpace!
  • Don’t reveal your password, particularly outside the “circle of trust”
  • Most importantly – keep your bank access codes and passwords completely different.

Innessco Hosting 

Innessco has recently upgraded our Innessco Data Center in Global Switch and now offers a 99.99% up time guarantee.  Our lead hosted products are: 

  • Hosted Desktops 
  • Hosted Email – Exchange 2013 
  • Hosted Document Management 
  • Offsite Data Backups 

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