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The Innessco Solution

My IT systems aren’t keeping up
with my law firm’s growth

Support your growing firm with Server

Growth is an exciting and promising time, but it’s also not without
its fair share of hiccups.

It’s likely that you have an IT system in place that suited you well
enough when you were a smaller business. But you may soon find
if you haven’t already — that your old systems just can’t carry the
weight of a growing firm.

If you’re working with a system that can no longer support your needs, you’re at risk of facing a whole host of IT problems, such as:

  • Shutdowns
  • Data Loss
  • Lag
  • Excessive admin time spent on fixing IT issues

We can help.

As you gain more people and spread out, your IT support system
should be dynamic enough to adapt to these changes, without
the growing pains.

This can be comfortably achieved if your IT at your  law firm uses server hosting and a cloud-based legal practice management system to facilitate growth.

Hosting Services ensure your firm is safe, secure, and well-supported

By engaging Innessco’s Server Hosting solution, your growing firm is supported by an IT provider who has specialised knowledge in the IT needs of law firms.
This knowledge allows us to provide managed IT services that both support your law practice management software and provide flexibility as your firm grows. It enables us to solve your IT problems faster than professionals who have little to no understanding of legal software or unique law IT issues.
 This is how we can help your firm:
Performance Management — make sure your systems are keeping up with your growth and running at peak performance with daily monitoring.
Hosted Desktop — new and mobile workers can gain accessibility, regardless of their location, with a remote desktop option.
Virtual Server — guarantee top-performance on critical business applications, no matter how many people are using it.
Hosted Email — engage an enterprise-class Microsoft Exchange account for all your employees, at a fraction of the normal cost.
Offsite Backup — protect critical files and data across your organisation and ensure they’re easily recoverable.

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