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Innessco’s service offering

For over 15 years, Innessco has provided tailored IT support to law firms across Australia. As a Managed Service Provider, we take full responsibility for monitoring, maintaining, and managing your law firm’s IT systems, applications, and infrastructure.

We currently provide two tailored IT platforms for law firms, Windows 365 Cloud PC and Windows Managed PC, both based on Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Our comprehensive IT service includes direct support for your users through our helpdesk, as well as the procurement, management, and implementation of new technology into your business. This comprehensive service ensures that we operate as your complete IT helpdesk, providing end-to-end support to your law firm.

Key elements of our offering


Innessco’s Managed IT Services

Innessco currently provide two tailored IT platforms, Windows 365 Cloud PC and Windows Managed PC.

Windows 365 Cloud PC is a powerful and secure IT platform that provides each user in your law firm with access to a virtualised Windows PC running in a Microsoft data center. Your Windows PC, running Microsoft 365 Business Premium, contains all your firm-approved applications and is accessible from any internet-connected device using the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. Innessco’s service includes the management of the Cloud PC (including the installation of Windows and application updates), your local PC and local office network.

Innessco provides Windows Managed PC as an ideal solution for companies seeking the advantages of a dedicated PC coupled with managed IT services. The Managed PC option grants individual users their own personal Windows PC, equipped with Microsoft 365 Business Premium and preloaded with all of your firm’s authorised applications. Innessco shoulders the responsibility of maintaining and updating Windows, security, and application software, guaranteeing that your systems are always up-to-date and secure. Additionally, Innessco manages your local office network as part of the service.


Cloud PC vs Managed PC

Choosing the appropriate platform for your law firm is critical, and your Practice Management System (PMS) will be a significant factor in determining which platform is most suitable for your requirements. While Cloud PC can run all PMS, only certain PMS are compatible with Managed PC.

The Cloud PC platform provides hassle-free management with seamless software and security updates during non-business hours, as well as 14 PC backups and the flexibility to offer additional vCPU and RAM to designated users. However, it requires an internet connection to function and is not available offline.

On the other hand, the Managed PC provides more accessibility flexibility since it is available offline, although it requires you to bring your laptop with you. Since the Managed PC is not always on, some of the system management may be more visible to the user, resulting in potential interruptions during software updates and security upgrades.

Both platforms are built on Microsoft 365 Business Premium and include customisable security features to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats.



The Essential Eight is a set of cybersecurity strategies developed by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) to help organisations protect themselves against targeted cyber-attacks. The strategies include measures such as application whitelisting, patching of applications and operating systems, restricting administrative privileges, implementing multi-factor authentication, backing up data, and educating users about cybersecurity risks.

Cloud PC and Managed PC, which are built on Microsoft’s Windows 365 Cloud PC and Microsoft 365 Business Premium, offer a range of security features that align with the Essential Eight strategies, such as Application Control for application whitelisting, automatic updates for patching applications and operating systems, administrative controls to restrict privileges, Multi-Factor Authentication, cloud-based storage solutions for data backup, and user education resources. By choosing Cloud PC or Managed PC, organisations can enhance their security posture and better protect against cyber threats.



Our helpdesk, located in Sydney and Melbourne, offers comprehensive technical support for your law firm. Our services include direct support for users, as well as your office network, servers, and desktops. We provide application-level support for the Cloud PC or Managed PC platforms and key business applications, including your PMS. On the Cloud PC platform, we assist users configure access from their home PC.

Our helpdesk is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, excluding public holidays, with 24/7 emergency support always available. Our goal is to provide end-to-end support to ensure your law firm’s technology runs smoothly.

Our pricing approach

Both Innessco Cloud PC and Managed PC platforms are priced per user per month, which includes helpdesk remote support. In addition to this, Innessco also provides an Implementation Service that incurs a one-time cost. This cost is calculated per user to accurately reflect the level of migration effort required.

Innessco’s service includes full support for your environment. However, any changes made to your environment, such as installing a new app, are considered projects and may require additional charges.

Moreover, Innessco can supply and configure a tailored selection of business-grade HP hardware and peripherals specifically recommended for use in law firms. This recommended hardware range has been proven to be reliable and effective and comes with a 3-year onsite warranty. Furthermore, payment terms can extend up to 48 months for this hardware.

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We’ve worked with over 50 law firms across Australia to create a tier one IT environment.

Rolf Howard – Managing Partner, Owen Hodge Lawyers

“We needed good, reliable, and scalable IT capacity – and that is now our reality. They are a better IT department than we’ve ever had.”

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