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The Innessco Solution

IT management in my firm
is a burden

Remove the hassle of managing IT yourself
with an Outsourced IT Department

The list of things to do in a law firm is never ending. Unfortunately,
in many firms, dealing with an IT issue is often included on that list.

With all the work you have to do, the last thing you want is to have
to act as your own ad-hoc IT department.

If you constantly find yourself:

  • Fixing your own IT problems
  • Liaising with software and hardware providers
  • Researching how to solve issues
  • Acting as a one-man IT department for the whole firm

Then it’s time to find an alternative IT staffing solution.

We can help.

Trying to complete time-consuming tasks outside your field of
expertise is hardly an effective use of your time. And hiring a
full-time IT manager is rarely a cost-effective option in most firms.

Your IT system should serve YOU, not the other way around.

IT Outsourcing lets you focus on law, not IT

By engaging Innessco’s IT Outsourcing solution, your firm gains access to an IT department with
specialised knowledge in law firms. Leave all your IT-related problems to us, so you can focus on law.
This is how we can help:
IT Management — gain a specially qualified outsourced department to deal with any problems, no matter how complex.
Helpdesk — whenever a problem arises, an experienced IT consultant is always at hand to provide technical support.
Server Monitoring — gain a security manager to protect your servers, hardware, and software with daily monitoring.
Backup and Recovery — ensure your important files and data are protected.
Project Delivery — get assistance with technology and network selection and implementation.
Security Management — keep confidential data secure and mitigate future risks.

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