The Innessco Solution

I don’t know how to setup or
migrate my IT system

Successfully coordinate your IT systems
with help from an Outsourced IT Department

A lot of law firms get to the point where they realise they need the
next level of practice management software – sound familiar?

But setting up a new IT system is a monolithic and expensive task.
If you haven’t got a huge amount of technical expertise in the
process, then it can easily turn into a chaotic, time-consuming mess.

It’s vital to know which system to use. For example, do you choose:

  • Affinity
  • Open Practice
  • PCLaw
  • Practice Evolve
  • SILQ
  • Infinity
  • Something else?

Not only that, but it’s also important to know how to successfully
transition to a new system.

Fortunately — we can help.

An outsourced IT department means easy set up and integration

By engaging Innessco’s Outsourced IT staffing solution, your firm gains access to an IT department with
specialised knowledge in law firms. We are able to help select, implement and
maintain your IT systems.
We take care of the IT stuff, so you can focus on law. Here’s how we can help:
Project Delivery — gain assistance with technology and network selection and implementation. Assess if you should go with Affinity, iManage, PC-LAW, or any other program for law firm management.
IT Management — gain a specially qualified outsourced department to deal with any problems, no matter how complex.
Helpdesk — whenever a problem arises, an experienced IT consultant is always at hand.
Server Monitoring — protect your servers, hardware, and software with daily monitoring.
Backup and Recovery — ensure your important files and data are protected.
Security Management — keep confidential data secure and mitigate future risks.

Your complete guide to law firm IT

A free guide that covers everything we know about achieving tier one IT for law firms – in plain English.

Don’t just take our word for it!

We’ve worked with over 50 boutique law firms across Australia to create a tier one IT environment.

Rolf Howard – Managing Partner, Owen Hodge Lawyers

“We needed good, reliable, and scalable IT capacity – and that is now our reality. They are a better IT department than we’ve ever had.”

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