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About HP Warranty

What is a hardware warranty?

HP Warranty (HP Carepack) covers replacement of faulty hardware when your computer fails. When creating a support case for your incident you are required to:
  • Assist in performing a technical assessment in order for confirm the best course of action;
  • By available on-site and be able to make changes, e.g. a system restart at HPs request; and
  • Perform data recovery if required. This could include: data restoration; system configuration; application installation and configuration.
When purchasing HP PC hardware from Innessco, Innessco will walk with you through the process. If you include a support contract Innessco willperform all work required to resolve the incident.

Factors to consider when purchasing a Warranty Agreement

HP calls their warranty agreements “Care Packs”. When purchasing your HP Care Pack the two most important considerations are:
1. What hours are you are able to contact HP support? Innessco use these three options:
  • Business Hours – you are able to call HP between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM
  • Extended Business Hours – you are able to call HP between the hours of 8:00AM and 9:00PM in your region – not including weekends or public holidays.
  • 24×7 – you are able to call HP anytime, including Christmas Day.

2. How quickly will you get assigned an engineer?

  • When will a qualified technician be assigned to your case and when will the technician contact you? and
  • When will the technician be on-site next to the faulty computer with replacement part(s)?
Note re Servers: Warranty is required in order to receive firmware patches on HP servers. Firmware patching maybe required in resolving a problem or securing your server.
Business Hours Next Business Day(NBD) responseExtend Business Hours 4 Hours Response24×7 Call to Repair(CTR) 6 hours
Server Realiance GuideImportant– Able to cope with an outage for a day
Essential – not able to cope with an outage for a day
Critical – can’t work without your server
Contact – When HP Support Line is open for you to register your incident.
between 8:00AM and 5:00PM Mon-Fri Not on Public Holidays
between 8:00AM and 9:00PM Mon-Fri Not on Public Holidays
any time including Christmas day
Assigned How long before HP will assign a
technician to your registered support incident and contact you
within 24
within 24
experience to date,
HP have dispatched
a technician within
an hour
On-site How long before a technician will be on-site
typically within 24
our experience has shown this is typically within 12 hours
contractually in less
than 6 hours from
the your first
contact with HP

Upgrade or Extend your Warranty

At anytime during your contract, you are able to upgrade and/or extend your warranty agreements. You would consider this, as your business grows or if you implement a new application that increases your reliance on your server hardware. When extending to years, 4 and 5, you will find with each additional year of warranty the cost will increase in line with the statistically calculated increased risk of failure.

What warranty doesn’t cover

As mentioned in the open paragraph, HP Warranty doesn’t cover:
  • The initial diagnosis of the problem
  • Performing technical steps to assist HP with their diagnosis
  • System and Software recovery
  • Communication with your users
  • Enacting a work around or a Business Continuity Plan.
  • Administration of warranty agreements
This is where Innessco is able to assist. As part of our new packages, we are offering this level of support. Call 02 8011 0669 or email Robert, for further information.

Innessco PC Hardware Support guarantee

When purchasing of HP PC hardware this month, Innessco will provide services at no charge to diagnose, administrate, schedule and recover your PC in the event of a hardware failure over the warranty period purchased. We do this for all customers who:
  • Purchase hardware from Innessco

  • Maintain a current hardware support contract(HP Care Pack)
  • Have an up-to-date and tested recovery process
There are conditions available on our website or when committing to purchasing a PC from Innessco.

Innessco Server Hardware Support guarantee

Innessco customers who purchase server hardware this month, with a monitoring and patching package are entitled to receive free support from Innessco to resolve hardware failures. If you have
  • Purchased your HP hardware from Innessco
  • Maintain an up-to-date HP Care pack
  • Maintain an Innessco monitoring and patching package
  • Have Innessco test your recover procedure annually.
Innessco will manage the process from end to end, until the server is operations and accessible by your users. Conditions apply, please contact Innessco by either clicking here of email Robert Cox for more information.


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