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“With our past service provider there was a lot of buck passing – they used to kick around a problem. It was always the fault of our practice management system (Affinity). But Innessco take it all on and liaise with Affinity to resolve the problems. We don’t have two people blaming each other.” Mark Faraday, Founding Partner. Henry William Lawyers.

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What we offer

Hosted Desktop
Gain accessibility regardless of your location with Hosted Desktops. Designed for mobile workers and firms with multiple offices, Desktop Hosting can help you integrate all employees into one system.
Hosted Email
Are you finding that hosting your own email account is too expensive? Engage a Cloud Computing service and be provided with an enterprise class Microsoft Exchange email account at a fraction of the cost of hosting one yourself.
Virtual Servers
Do you require a server to run a critical business application? Virtual servers, equipped with performance guarantee, take away the hassle of owning and managing your own physical server.
Hosted Websites
Need help hosting your firm’s website? Using a hosted website solution, you can have both Windows and Linux based hosting options, with an SQL server for optimum database management.
Offsite Backup
Do you worry about the masses of important data you work with? Engaging in an Offsite Backup service ensures critical files and data are kept safe, secure, and easily recovered in the event of a disaster.
Performance Management
Guarantee your IT systems are running at peak performance with daily environment monitoring. Ensure that the CPU, Memory, Disk and Network utilisation and performance operate at the best physical and virtual level.

Your Hosted Desktop in the Cloud is:

  • Accessible securely from any internet connected PC
  • Able to run your current business applications
  • Running on enterprise-class, high performance servers in a Tier 1 datacentre
  • Secured using Cisco and TrendMicro technologies
  • Designed to provide a consistent experience for all of your team

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