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Excessive IT problems are draining
productivity at my firm

Reach all new levels of efficiency with a
comprehensive IT solution

IT management is a huge job. If you’re trying to do it on top of any
other job — especially a law-related one — it’s going to be a massive
drain on productivity.

There are any number of productivity drains that could be
causing you trouble:

  • Having to constantly stop what you’re doing to fix IT problems
  • Having to figure out which software to use
  • Having to liaise with software and hardware providers to get
    everything working the way you want it to

With all that on your plate, no one could blame you if you’ve reached
breaking point and you’re seriously considering hiring an IT manager.

But before you do, hold on! There’s another way.

We can help.

Eliminate the productivity drain of IT management with IT Outsourcing

By engaging Innessco’s IT Outsourcing solution, your firm gains access to an IT department with specialised knowledge in law firms.
This knowledge allows our IT department to solve your IT problems faster than professionals who have little to no understanding of legal practice management software or unique law IT issues.
We take care of the IT stuff, so you can focus on law. Here’s how we can help:
Project Delivery — gain assistance with technology and network selection and implementation.
IT Management — gain a specially qualified outsourced department to deal with any problems, no matter how complex.
Helpdesk — whenever a problem arises, an experienced IT consultant is always at hand.
Server Monitoring — protect your servers, hardware, and software with daily monitoring.
Backup and Recovery — ensure your important files and data are protected.
Security Management — keep confidential data secure and mitigate future risks.

Your complete guide to law firm IT

A free guide that covers everything we know about achieving tier one IT for law firms – in plain English.

Hosting Services ensure your firm is safe, secure, and well-supported

Innessco’s Server Hosting solution means your firm is supported by an IT
provider who has specialised knowledge in the needs of law firms.
This is how we can help:
Hosted Desktop — new and mobile workers can gain accessibility, regardless of their location, with a remote desktop option.
Virtual Server — guarantee top-performance on critical business applications, no matter how many people are using it.
Hosted Email — engage an enterprise-class Microsoft Exchange account for all your employees, at a fraction of the normal cost.
Hosted Websites — get peace of mind knowing your website is being hosted by an experienced and reliable server.
Offsite Backup — protect critical files and data and ensure they’re easily recoverable.
Performance Management — to make sure your systems are keeping up with your growth

Don’t just take our word for it!

We’ve worked with over 50 boutique law firms across Australia to create a tier one IT environment.

Rolf Howard – Managing Partner, Owen Hodge Lawyers

“We needed good, reliable, and scalable IT capacity – and that is now our reality. They are a better IT department than we’ve ever had.”

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