AI in law firms: What do you need to know

AI – What is it? Where did it come from? Over time, through a convergence of philosophical reasoning, mathematical reasoning and creativity, there emerged the idea that we could and would create a machine that [...]

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  • Investing in law firm capability

Making a smart investment in firm capability

Growth and efficiency improvements are a major goal for many boutique and small law firms. Achieving growth requires ongoing improvement, and an expanding client base. But it also requires efficiency and processes. A firm will never [...]

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  • Outsourcing key functions for law firms

Why are more firms outsourcing key functions?

Outsourcing isn’t a new concept. It’s been utilised pretty consistently over the years by many different industries, allowing businesses to access high-quality and consistent services they can’t cost-effectively recreate inhouse. Recently, larger law firms have been [...]

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  • IT security

What is “good” IT security, and how do I get it?

While advancements in technology, IT and the internet have made many everyday processes easier, they have also brought with them new challenges and new dangers. Storing everything electronically allows for instant access, managed distribution, and ease [...]

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5 Reasons to Get an Outsourced IT Provider

Law firms may find it tempting to keep their IT provider in-house. After all, most law firms perform majority of their business’ aspects internally. From human resources to finance and accounting, law firms have a tendency [...]

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  • Good IT checklist

Is your IT system up to scratch?

The role of IT and computer technology within law has changed a lot over the years, and is expected to keep changing at a rather-rapid rate. We expect that IT will soon have the capabilities to [...]

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  • practice management system training

What is a Hosted Desktop?

What do you think a hosted desktop is? If you thought that it’s just like your standard desktop computer, then you’re not entirely wrong. A hosted desktop is just that. But at the same time, it’s [...]

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  • router management for law firms

What Is An Outsourced IT Provider?

To effectively manage the technology in a law firm, an outsourced IT provider is necessary. Why? There are a lot of reasons for this. For starters, today’s law firms are under tremendous pressure to improve the [...]

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  • document backup

How a Hosted Desktop Can Help Your Firm Grow

The dynamic nature and inherent scalability of using a hosted desktop make them the perfect tool for growing law firms. The modern workforce now demands access to data from anywhere at any time and using any [...]

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How to Choose an Outsourced IT Provider

Most law firms don’t have enough IT work to go around to warrant an in-house IT department. When they do, attracting and retaining full-time IT specialists become an expensive venture that almost always isn’t worth the [...]

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  • IT system threats

Getting the most out of your IT Department

Managing an IT department can present challenges to a new practice manager at any law firm. Not having the right practices, policies and procedures in place can make the IT problems that your firm deals with [...]

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