Shaw & Bunner Legal is a boutique law practice based in the Hunter Valley that services clients across NSW. Offering general legal services as well as an expert skill set in personal injury compensation advice, they’ve been in operation since 2018 when founders Kerri Shaw and Gemma Bunner left a major practice to start their own firm.

Starting the firm was a big move, made even more difficult by the fact they were coming from a business with comprehensive IT support – so they’d never had to worry about IT before. There was a lot to consider when starting a firm from scratch, and they needed help with:

  • Deciding on and setting up hardware
  • A stable internet connection
  • Setting up their website and company email
  • Integrated home office set up
  • Choosing a Practice Management System
  • Choosing and setting up phone systems
  • Data security and backup

The list was almost endless, and as a start-up firm, they couldn’t afford to waste time trying to run around and work it out for themselves.

A chance meeting and a great connection

Gemma met Robert Cox from Innessco by chance at a FMRC Legal Practice Management seminar. She liked his sincerity and the scope of what Robert and Innessco could offer. After a single follow up conversation, she gladly welcomed Innessco onboard to assist the firm with start-up IT, not needing to consider any other providers.

“Robert seemed like a genuine guy. We followed up with a coffee and that sealed the deal.” – Gemma Bunner, Founder, Shaw & Bunner Legal

From almost the first meeting, Kerri and Gemma trusted Robert’s guidance and found he was able to meet all their needs and help them with the large scope of the projects they were taking on.

From being upfront with costs and quotes, to giving them advice on laptops, practice management systems and even what cables to buy. Innessco was more than willing to provide guidance on every IT aspect of the business, no matter how large or small.

“Innessco were really helpful and we relied on their knowledge. They gave us easy options and just made it happen.” – Gemma Bunner, Founder

A dream start that led to a lasting partnership

Innessco wasn’t just able to help Shaw & Bunner start-up their firm’s IT, but instead have stayed on board as their IT provider for the last three years. In that time, the firm has been able to fulfil their ambition of providing large firm expertise with small firm service, thanks in part to their stress-free IT.


Having a dedicated IT provider who knew the ins and outs of their firm’s needs made starting the firm easier, but has also improved the day-to-day efficiency and productivity of the firm.

Ensuring fee earners remained productive and focused on billable work instead of being burdened by setting up or fixing IT problems has played a part in Shaw & Bunner’s growth and success.

“Innessco made life so much simpler – we don’t have time to dedicate working IT out for ourselves.” – Gemma Bunner, Founder


There are no concerns about the privacy or security of the firm data, thanks to the assurance that Innessco’s back-up servers are stored in the same place as the Australia’s top ASX and Government Departments use. There’s added peace of mind knowing that the data is with people who know what they’re doing.

Ongoing Support

The dedicated help desk provides 24/7 support and a clear escalation system. They reply immediately with a timeframe for non-urgent matters, and take calls straight away when there’s an important problem.


Unlike some providers that sign you up and disappear, Robert and the Innessco team have been personally involved and engaged from the beginning, all the way through.

“We’re nearly at our first 1,000 days with Innessco and, three years later, the service is at the same standard.” – Gemma Bunner, Founder

The start-up phase is a trying time for a law firm, but there are ways to make it simpler – and finding the right IT support is one of them. Gemma and Kerri say they are happy to talk to any firms in the start-up phase and share their story and experiences. But their number one piece of advice? Call Innessco.

“It can be intimidating talking to IT experts, but not at Innessco. They have been lifesavers for our practice.” – Gemma Bunner, Founder

The last thing you need when building up a practice from scratch is the added pressure of complex IT, especially when you realise how long your list of IT needs truly are.

If you’re looking for expert help getting your firm’s IT up and running, get in contact with Innessco today here, or give us a call on 02 7200 4400 or email

Alternatively, you can get a comprehensive idea of how well your firm’s IT is performing by heading over to and taking the quick survey.