McKean Park are a firm that pride themselves on expert advice, practical solutions and providing an excellent client experience. Unfortunately, their ability to provide the personal and timely service they promised clients was being constrained by constant IT problems.

For three years the firm faced IT issues from every angle – from printing problems to daily system glitches, digital dictation issues and disruptive down time – all leading to a constant build-up of requests for support for problems. The problems were due to a poorly implemented Hosted Desktop and were compounded by the fact their IT provider did not have any experience working with legal practices and had little understanding of different legal programs and processes.

After years of mounting issues, employees were noting they were wasting at least half an hour every day on IT problems and were threatening to leave. The firm knew it was time for a change.

A step in the right direction

McKean Park knew that they needed to act swiftly to protect the integrity of their business, but they were also wary in doing so. Having already switched providers once in the past to only find themselves with the same problem, the risk of being burnt again was at the forefront of their mind.

One thing they had learnt from their past IT issues was what they were looking for in a new IT system and provider:

  • Simple and regular communication
  • Experience with industry-specific programs
  • Quick response times
  • A system that would cater to the efficient delivery of client services
  • A high quality Hosted Desktop implementation, designed to run their practice management system (Affinity)

After discovering Innessco, McKean Park were interested in bringing them onboard. But disrupting their IT system again – at the same time as updating their phone system – was a big concern. They were cautious of making a change only to potentially damage their business further.

Before deciding to transition to Innessco, McKean Park conducted reference checks with other similar firms who had engaged Innessco’s services to ensure they were making a suitable choice. Innessco also agreed to resolve two of McKean Park’s significant problems experienced on a daily basis before going ahead with their decision.

“It was very important for us to know what other firms did and what we needed. Their experience with other firms of a similar size to us was very important” – Catherine Nguyen (Practice Manager)

A seamless solution

After a string of positive reference checks, McKean Park decided to bite the bullet and make the switch to Innessco’s high quality Hosted Desktop – designed to run their Affinity Business Application. Many of their prior concerns were mitigated after having several meetings with the Innessco team, and a test environment being set up to ensure any problems were alleviated prior to the transition.

The system was changed over a weekend and was up and running before the firm opened the following Monday. From that point onwards, the system and the support team have worked seamlessly to support the firm’s needs and objectives. Their new solution has allowed them to:

  • Increase the efficiency of the delivery of their client services
  • Have secure access to client documents from whatever device or location they need
  • Have a fast and reliable practice management system
  • Not have to worry about constant updates, maintenance and IT problems related to their system

The experience and personalised approach Innessco provides gave the firm confidence they had made the right decision.

“The ongoing service is excellent – it is very prompt, responsive and whenever needed Innessco comes into our office almost immediately” – Mark Flynn (Partner)

McKean Park noticed one of the biggest benefits was having all problems and solutions explained in easy to understand terms, which made it easier for staff to report issues back to the firm’s partners.

The result: Ongoing IT satisfaction and a close working relationship

McKean Park regularly notice the benefits of making the change to a reliable Hosted Desktop system and provider. They have found that, like themselves, Innessco focusses on a personalised service, which they do not get from other suppliers.

When trying to pinpoint the real point of difference in the service experience, they could not quite put it down to one thing. They noted the benefits of:

  • Ongoing personalised service
  • Permanent resolution rather than temporary Band-Aid fixes
  • Genuine interest in client success
  • Directors that personally get involved
  • A focus on team work
  • Open communication
  • Prompt responses to issues
  • Friendly, amiable staff

Making a change to their IT systems and provider has allowed McKean Park to go above and beyond their service commitment to clients and providing the expert solutions they pride themselves on, without disruption.

They recommend other firms follow the same path of reference checking and doing research with other similar firms before locking in a new provider. It ensures peace of mind and guarantees you are choosing a provider that best suits the needs of your firm, just like McKean Park did.

They are lovely people to work with and that can be difficult to come by in the IT services space.” – Catherine Nguyen (Practice Manager)

Find your solution.

If your firm is facing similar constant IT problems to McKean Park Lawyers, you might benefit from a discussion about your IT management.

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