Find out how corporate law firm Kardos Scanlan transformed their practice management system performance with a hosted desktop solution.

Growing pains in Kardos Scanlan

When Tim Scanlan and Rob Kardos opened the doors of their specialist corporate law firm Kardos Scanlan in 2010, they had a practice management system and basic internet to get them started. But, as the firm steadily grew, their system’s limits were tested.

In 2014, their team of 5 people noticed the first signs of IT ‘bugs’ and inefficiencies. In 2015, the firm had grown to 13 staff. By this point, the system totally lacked the flexibility and system performance staff needed to be able to respond to client needs efficiently.

Kardos Scanlan knew they needed an update, but the idea of taking on an IT project while the practice was so busy was daunting.

They were worried that an upgrade could impact their services. They were also hugely concerned about the horror stories of expensive overruns, lost documents and time-draining setup projects that they had heard happen in other firms.

But issues with document control and device syncing were becoming more of a frustration for staff. Carly Fifita, the Office Manager, was spending more and more time on fixes and updating PCs.

Tim and Rob realised that they couldn’t wait any longer, and they began researching and scoping what exactly they needed from a new practice management system.

Seeking an effective solution

When scoping what they needed out of a system update, Kardos Scanlan identified some key factors that would be vital to the firm’s growth success:

  • Quick changes and updates to IT, so they could maintain productivity and not miss out on current opportunities
  • Integration of the chosen solution into their existing practice management system
  • Increased document control
  • High security and reliability
  • Speed and adaptability, to keep up with the growing firm’s needs.

After considering a wide range of options, they sought advice from Robert Cox and David Loughy at Innessco.

“[A] concern was that none of us are IT experts and so understanding — and trusting — the process was tough. But Robert and David were consistent with their advice from day one.”  – Tim Scanlan, Founder

Discovering a powerful alternative

After advice and consultation with Innessco, Kardos Scanlan were introduced to a powerful and unexpected solution — desktop hosting.

With remote, real-time access to their practice management system, Innessco’s desktop hosting solution allowed all Kardos Scanlan’s staff to:

  • Access their system on whatever device they required
  • Achieve full integration into one system
  • Remove the need to run manual updates on each device
  • Have fast and reliable practice management
  • Have an efficient and secure document management system

“Innessco were calm and clear about the process and about back-up.  And because they had worked with other law firms our size they understood our concerns.”  – Tim Scanlan, Founder

The perfectly-timed transition

At 2pm on a Friday in March 2016, Innessco’s David Loughy started switching people over to the new system one at a time.

Thanks to the use of a test site prior to the changeover and clear communication at every stage, everyone was on the same page and knew what the screens would look like after the change.

“We were delighted with the transition and there were no surprises.”  – Tim Scanlan, Founder

Users were pleasantly surprised to find they had access to their emails on the same day, and full access to the system first thing Monday morning.

So, as a result of expertise and clear communication, there was virtually no down time.

The results: streamlined growth and adaptable systems

Since the transition to a hosted desktop environment was started and completed in March 2016, all the previous issues that had crippled Kardos Scanlan’s efficiency have been resolved.

With Innessco’s daily check ins post-implementation, any minor concerns or potential glitches were quickly ironed out.

The hosted desktop solution now works with Kardos Scanlan’s practice management system to provide endless benefits:

  • Employees can work remotely
  • The firm’s system can be accessed from any device or location
  • Branded documentation can be easily sent
  • Enhanced security is ensured
  • Greater control is possible for all users
  • More productive activities can be completed, now that employees don’t have to waste time on IT.

The firm now enjoys a new lease of life in their SILQ systems. They’ve also saved a huge amount of time that can now be spent on areas that add value to the business.

“How can my firm experience the same seamless transition into systems that can keep up with growth?”

If your practice management system is facing similar growing pains to Kardos Scanlan, you might benefit from a discussion about your options for a system upgrade or transition.

To find out your options, contact Innessco here, or give Innessco a call on 02 7200 4400 or email Alternatively you can get a comprehensive idea of how well your firms IT is performing by heading over to and taking part in the quick survey.

 “We were doubters but changing to hosted desktops was one of the best things we’ve done for the firm. We’ve even recommended it to our clients.” – Tim Scanlan, Founder