Bannermans Lawyers is a successful Sydney-based law firm specialising in legal services to the strata, development, construction, and insurance industries. Established in 2007, they have grown to over 30 team members and served over 3,000 clients across NSW – making them Sydney’s leading strata law firm.

Since their inception, Bannermans’ IT had been run by a small, one-man provider. It was an arrangement and service that had served the firm well, until their expanding size and needs outgrew the capabilities of one IT specialist. The increasing workload and breadth of expertise required to continue to support Bannermans’ IT needs had understandably become too much for a single IT specialist.

Bannerman’s accepted it was time to find a new, better equipped IT provider that could:

  • Meet the unique (and sometimes challenging) IT needs of the firm
  • Understand and work with their systems and applications
  • Had a breadth of expertise
  • Provide quick and reliable service and support
  • Support their continued growth

They weren’t prepared to settle for anything that wasn’t right or a quick fix, they wanted a solution that would stay with them for many years to come, and so decided to put the time and effort into their search for a new provider.

Bannermans’ existing provider referred them to three new providers, including Innessco. Not only did they carefully assess all three options, partner Matthew Jenkins spoke to five different existing Innessco clients about their experiences. Ultimately, the genuine responses Bannermans received and the law firm specialisation was the main reasons they decided to choose Innessco as their new provider.

A smooth move

There were some initial concerns around the transition, as can be expected. Bannermans was concerned their applications and PMS (a lesser-used, US-based system) would cause Innessco some trouble.

They knew their IT requirements and demands were more on the difficult side, and thought that may affect their transition.

“Innessco were very patient with us. We have some unique needs and can be quite demanding.” – Matthew Jenkins, Partner, Bannermans Lawyers

However, they went ahead with fingers crossed and made the switch over a weekend. Come Monday, everyone came back to the firm to find the system working smoothly without issues. Since then, IT has been “fantastic”.

“It was really smooth – a lot smoother than we were anticipating. There were no issues.  It just happened.” – Matthew Jenkins, Partner, Bannermans Lawyers

Easy to use and easy to understand IT

Since they made the move, the team at Bannermans have nothing but good things to say about their IT capabilities – and the service they receive from Innessco. They’ve seen a number of changes in how they work and how they interact with IT.

Simplified IT

One of the biggest benefits for Bannermans is they now have a secure, efficient and sturdy IT system. There aren’t any extra bells and whistles they don’t need that cause extra problems – just the systems and hardware they need, and providers who know the systems inside out.


Working from home is now a possibility for the entire firm, something that has been incredibly helpful during COVID-19 restrictions. It was as simple as picking up their PCs and phones and continuing the work from home, something that would have been impossible before.

“For us, the transition to working from home went very well.  It was surprisingly easy, and this was due to the way Innessco set up their systems.” – Matthew Jenkins, Partner, Bannermans Lawyers

Great IT support, service and follow up

Bannermans’ staff now get personal, expert IT service on a day-to-day basis. Tasks and requests are easy to log and escalate, and they are never faced with hard to understand and interpret jargon.

Finding the right fit

Most importantly, Bannermans have been able to find an IT provider that meets their unique and demanding needs and delivers the right level of service with minimal difficulties. IT is no longer a daily concern – in fact, they barely think about it at all.

“The thing about Innessco is that we don’t think about Innessco.  Our IT just works.” – Matthew Jenkins, Partner, Bannermans Lawyers

If you are similar to Bannermans Lawyers and are looking for an IT service that’s the perfect fit for your firm, you might benefit from a discussion about your options for your IT.

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