Hiring an outsourced IT provider is a major trend that’s steadily becoming popular among today’s law firms. The decision to outsource an entire IT department brings a lot of benefits. This includes, among others, fewer technological hiccups, near 24/7 uptime and reliability, as well as improved overall productivity for the firm.

Remember, lawyers and associates already have enough on their plate. The last thing they need is another issue that could potentially derail them from focusing on billable tasks.

To further convince you why it makes sense to outsource your law firm’s IT needs to an IT provider, here are a couple of benefits that your firm could enjoy.

1.  An Outsourced IT Provider Will Let Your Lawyers Focus on Law

Bringing in a team of IT experts, courtesy of your IT provider will allow your firm’s staff to focus more of their efforts toward helping clients with their pressing legal matters instead of concerning themselves over IT-related tasks and issues.

Your IT provider will take over your firm’s entire IT network. This means that they’ll handle all the critical system upgrades and software patches, data backups, Practice management system improvements, document management, hosted desktop and more.

Because you now have a dedicated team of experts taking care of your firm’s needs, your law firm will experience far less downtime and far higher productivity levels. This enables staff to focus on law and spend less time doing non-billable work.

2.  Get a team of on-call and on-demand experts

Most law firms struggle to attract individual talents to run their IT department, let alone an entire team of dedicated and talented IT professionals. In the off-chance that does happen, it becomes very easy for the in-house IT staff to find themselves overwhelmed with the ever-growing number of issues. This is especially true with small and mid-sized firms.

These ever-evolving and ever-changing law firms can be quite challenging for a handful of individuals to handle. This puts the onus on the law firm to provide additional compensation to retain top talent. Or, in some cases, the growth forces the law firm to spend more for additional IT department personnel.

Thus, this makes running an in-house IT department difficult and expensive for law firms.

Attracting and retaining top talent won’t be an issue when working with an IT provider.

All you need to do is to pay the IT provider for the services that you need and that’s it. Your biggest problem likely lies in finding the right IT provider to work with.

3.  Access to industry-leading technology and practices

A competent IT provider will invest heavily in their own staff members to make sure that their knowledge and experience are not only relevant to their clientele but are also on the cutting-edge.

Because they have constant access to advanced legal technology and practices, your IT provider can give you access to legal IT applications that would normally only be available to larger law firms with deeper pockets.

When you hire a reputable IT provider and IT consultant, keeping your firm’s IT system secure and updated is simply part of the deal.

4.  Scalable resources that will grow with your business

Whether you plan to grow and expand or downsize your law firm, outsourcing to an IT provider that specializes in legal technology will afford you access to just the right amount of people to handle your law firm’s needs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re migrating your IT system or updating your practice management software, an IT provider can give your firm the peace of mind that you are taken care of. Your firm will especially welcome their “pay-as-you-go” format. This will allow your firm to scale your IT needs based on its current status and projected growth.

5.  Diverse set of services offered

Any trustworthy and competent IT provider will not be a one-trick-pony. Instead, they offer multiple services. This includes everything from dedicated and round-the-clock support, secure data storage with remote access to a number of personalized services custom-made specifically for the IT needs of your law firm.

Grow Your Firm With An Outsourced IT Provider

When your firm grows, you don’t want your systems holding you back.

Set your firm up for growth by hiring an outsourced IT provider that can position your firm to succeed today and tomorrow. Making this decision today will give your law firm the technical support that it needs to function the best way that it can. Not to mention, it will also minimize any wasted effort and inefficient work from your firm’s billable hours.

Here at Innessco, we have experienced staff members ready to assist your law firm in all of its basic and advanced IT needs.

If you would like your law firm to be as efficient and effective as possible with little time spent on IT-related issues, be sure to click here for a quick 60-second evaluation to find out exactly what your law firm needs.