The pandemic has changed the landscape of how lawyers work. Before the courts wouldn’t permit video conferencing, it now has become standard practice for many.

This allowed the legal industry to see that it was possible to complete most, if not all, aspects of their work without having to be physically present. Lawyers also appreciated the work/life balance of this arrangement and don’t want to give it up as we head into a post-pandemic world.

With hybrid work now an expected and firmly entrenched arrangement in the legal industry, law firms need to understand how to set up secure and convenient hybrid workstations for their employees – or face security risks or their talent being poached by the firms that have already done so.

Unfortunately, many law firms still aren’t properly set up for a sustainable, hybrid work arrangement.

Security is a major concern for hybrid set-ups

It’s imperative for law firms to have a proper remote set-up that’s easy, secure, and accessible for their lawyers to use on the days they work from home.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we saw some interesting situations occur due to the sudden enforcement of work from home arrangements – such as firms allowing their lawyers to take their entire office PC set-up home.

But we’re seeing that many firms still haven’t created a permanent solution to this, and are relying on their teams to either:

  1. Use their personal, unsecured home devices; or
  2. Lug heavy laptops to and from the office.

While the second option is just inconvenient, the first option creates endless security concerns.

Because there’s no guarantee that their personal device hasn’t been compromised in some way, lawyers are risking heavy damages by using them. Not to mention that having highly confidential information saved on personal devices could be a compliance risk.

So what options do law firms have to make sure that they’re able to provide a secure hybrid work arrangement for their teams?

Understanding the need for support on this journey

The first step to setting up a permanent hybrid arrangement requires understanding from law firms that it may take some time and a bit of budget to set their teams up with the right equipment and solutions.

Law firms need to make sure they’re able to find and provide the right IT support as new systems and processes are being set up. Having the right IT support can make a massive difference in the speed of the uptake, and should be a consideration for law firms.

Once law firms have committed to a hybrid arrangement, they can start exploring the options available to them.

2 secure solutions for hybrid set-ups

Working closely with law firms over the pandemic, we’ve seen three viable solutions for arranging a hybrid set-up that has long-term success.

1. A remote desktop

A remote desktop solution is a favourite amongst law firms as it doesn’t require the firm to purchase equipment because lawyers can use their existing at-home PCs. A hosted desktop can be accessed as an application on the PC and allows lawyers to log into their system and have access to all the information they need securely and quickly.

2. An IT managed device, such as Innessco’s Windows 365 Managed PC

Similar security to a remote desktop, except the system can only be accessed on those devices it has been Installed on, and requires a little more budget from law firms. The options would then be 1. lawyers have a ‘work’ device and a ‘home’ device with the managed IT environment. Or, 2. Firms will need to outfit their teams with secure devices and accessories so that they can take their devices back and forth between the office.

Hybrid arrangements make law firms more productive

Once law firms find a long-term solution for a hybrid arrangement, they’ll be able to benefit greatly. We’re seeing that many of our clients are:

  • Retaining their talent – lawyers love the convenience of working from home a few days a week. It provides them with better work/life balance and saves them hours of travel time each week. This allows them to be far more present at work while having time to rest and recharge.
  • Staying compliant – law firms know the risks of working from unsecure devices and avoiding the penalties of non-compliance is a great motivator for firms to maintain secure arrangements.
  • Being more productive – lawyers that are happier at work are more productive – even more so knowing that their employer trusts them to continue working from home. Understanding that working from home post-pandemic hinges on delivering the same level of work, lawyers are ensuring that they’re not wasting their employer’s or clients’ time.

Find the hybrid arrangement that works for you

Is it time to make sure that your firm is properly outfitted for a hybrid work arrangement? It’s never too late to find the right solution, and our team is more than happy to discuss your needs with you.

And over the last few years, we’ve expanded our support capabilities to account for the higher number of tickets we receive as lawyers set up their remote systems. We’re now able to provide full support for the remote set-up process.

If you’d like to learn more about what you need for a hybrid work arrangement, you can download our eBook that provides a complete guide to IT to get a better understanding of the solutions that are available to you or you can contact us directly via our website here.