Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape: Legal Firms Amidst a Rising Tide of Threats

In our advancing digital era, law firms increasingly find themselves under the radar of escalating cybersecurity threats. For these organisations, it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ they will become the targets of cyber-attacks.

Recent data released by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) underscores this growing concern. Legal, accounting, and management services now find themselves in the disconcerting position of being the fourth most targeted sector in terms of reported data breaches.

Between July and December 2022, an alarming trend emerged as data breach notifications surged by a notable 26%. More distressing is the revelation that instances of malicious or criminal attacks, as opposed to accidental disclosures, jumped by 41%, making up 70% of all data breach notifications during this period.

However, it’s critical to remember that these sobering statistics only represent the data breaches reported to the OAIC. The actual scale of data breaches, including unreported ones, is potentially far greater. Hence, it has become increasingly urgent for organisations in these sectors to prioritise robust cybersecurity measures and develop strategies to safeguard their invaluable data.

Harnessing Microsoft Secure Score for a Comprehensive Security Assessment

Evaluating your firm’s security can often prove challenging due to the multitude of components involved in crafting an effective cybersecurity framework. This is where Microsoft Secure Score comes in – a tool designed to simplify the assessment of your organisation’s security posture. Providing a comprehensive, quantifiable measure of your firm’s security practices, the Secure Score is becoming an essential tool for firms intent on bolstering their cybersecurity.

Microsoft Secure Score gauges your organisation’s security based on user behaviour and security settings within Microsoft 365, assigning a score that can range from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating stronger security postures.

What sets the Microsoft Secure Score apart is its ability to identify potential vulnerabilities and suggest actionable improvements. It provides a prioritised list of recommended actions designed to enhance your security posture, thereby serving as a roadmap to improving your overall cybersecurity strategy. Each recommendation is accompanied by a projected score increase, offering a clear understanding of the impact each action can have on your security posture.

Navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape is a journey, not a destination. The Microsoft Secure Score serves as your compass, guiding your path with confidence and assurance.

Beyond the Standard: How Innessco Elevates Your Security Posture

While Microsoft reports that the typical Secure Score for boutique firms hovers around the 50 mark, at Innessco, we strive to surpass this standard.

We centre our security strategy around targeting a Secure Score of at least 80, a goal significantly higher than the industry average for boutique firms. We realise this ambitious target by deploying Microsoft Security Baselines and diligently actioning Microsoft’s recommendations, while closely consulting with our clients. This approach ensures that the proposed solutions align seamlessly with your unique business needs and your operational context.

At Innessco, our commitment to security extends beyond responding to threats. We understand that effective cybersecurity involves proactive measures that embed robust security protocols into every aspect of your digital ecosystem. This philosophy forms the cornerstone of our two platforms – Managed PC and Cloud PC.

Managed PC and Cloud PC don’t merely manage your IT infrastructure; they build security into it. This ensures that every aspect of your system, from network management to individual devices, benefits from Innessco’s focused efforts to maintain a superior Secure Score.

The result? A secure, future-proof digital environment enabling you to conduct your operations with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your systems are exceeding, not just meeting, industry security benchmarks. In an era of rapidly evolving cyber threats, choosing Innessco means choosing to stay a step ahead, confidently safeguarding your digital future.

If you need advice about your current IT system or assistance with evaluating your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.