At last year’s ALPMA Summit, an extensive range of industry experts shared their wisdom and insights into some of the leading issues facing law firm management. With topics ranging from measuring profitability to dealing with toxic behaviour, there was truly something for everyone to learn; no matter your interests, job role, or the current problems your firm face.

One of the highlights of the event was a presentation by Deloitte’s Peter Williams, discussing the common desire of firms to innovate through technology.

A common problem

As the founder of Deloitte Digital, one of the world’s leading providers of web-based solutions, Peter knows what it means to innovate. His presentation was full of astute and interesting insights – including one major takeaway point:

“Many law practice firms find their path to executing technological innovations is blocked” – Peter Williams, Deloitte Digital

If you’re one of many law firms struggling with underperforming IT, this statement may not surprise you. Being held back from growth opportunities due to slow, outdated or unreliable practice management systems is something you put up with daily. Or, it could be something you hadn’t realised was affecting you, but now you’re thinking “now that you mention it…”

Luckily, being a commonly recurring problem doesn’t make it an unsolvable one. The key to overcoming it is understanding emerging technologies and identifying what Peter refers to as “innovation killers”.

Mastering your IT

Technological innovation starts with implementing the right foundational processes and programs for your needs – helping you to thrive and compete in your industry.

If your IT provider doesn’t understand the technologies pertinent to law, how can you be expected to? Engaging a provider that has industry specific knowledge and experience guarantees, among other things, that you will be:

  • Provided with the right technologies to succeed
  • Made aware of the innovations that can improve your service
  • Supported by legal practice management system experts

Getting quick and easy access to professional recommendations specific to your law firm needs is the first step to good IT. Don’t waste any more time trying to understand the complexities of your IT – once you discover your law firm specific IT options, you can start unblocking your path to technological innovation.

Unfortunately, Peter Williams is not always available to give out personal IT advice. But luckily, the Innessco online evaluation tool provides you with customised advice on the spot. Regardless of your IT needs or the specific problems you’re facing, you can find the solutions to get your law firm ahead — all in less than a minute.