Many law firms feel alone with the complex IT problems they’re facing. An inability to fix these problems affecting your business performance can be a frustrating experience for any practice manager.

But one key message from ALPMA Summit 2018 was that there are many others who share your struggle. In one of the Summit’s most resonating presentations, Swinburne Law School’s Dan Hunter spoke about a common issue faced by law firms:

“They have a strong desire to respond to the demands of technology and the innovation age – they just don’t know how to” – Dan Hunter (Swinburne Law School)

The IT blame game

It’s no surprise that firms keep these issues to themselves – they’re frustrating and complex problems that you’re not even sure can be fixed, as you’ve certainly had no luck so far.

But it’s important to remember: You’re a lawyer, not an IT specialist – and a problem shared is a problem halved.

If you’re struggling to get ahead with technology or implement IT systems pertinent to your needs, think about engaging professionals – not just in IT, but in law systems too. If you already have an IT provider, you should be speaking to them and evaluating their service.

  • Are they listening to your needs?
  • Are they actively working towards your requests?

And most importantly;

  • Are they educated and experienced in providing IT for the law industry?

As Professor Hunter explained, the nature of technology within the legal services market is unique and will continue to adapt and change over the next decade. Therefore, to succeed, you need IT that’s as unique as you are.

Rising to the challenge

Being prepared for these industry changes and innovations will be impossible without a solid Practice Management System foundation.

So, how do you know your system is falling short?

  • Staff are still being burdened with IT problems
  • Lawyers are still unable to access their Practice Management System when away from the office
  • Efficiency is being affected and billable hours are being lost

These are just three examples of how bad IT processes can eat up time, money and staff patience. Law is a demanding business, so when addressing IT problems, you want to make sure you’re putting your time and effort into a solution that will meet your expectations.

Receiving professional recommendations to set you on the right track can future proof your business and lead you to initiating formal innovation processes.

The Innessco online evaluation tool allows you to outline your IT issues and receive customised solutions straight to your inbox. Evaluate your current systems and make an informed decision about the future of your IT.