A hosted desktop with a trustworthy practice management software is the perfect tool for law firms that often deal with sensitive and confidential information.

Unfortunately, for many law firms, the security of their files is inconsistent. Often, they fail to consider just how vulnerable their data is to security breaches and data failure until they happen. And by then, it’s too late to take preventative measures.

How Does a Hosted Desktop Help?

A hosted desktop is a virtual desktop hosted in the cloud. It contains all the necessary operating tools that law firms need, from the operating system, files, applications, and software, to go about their day-to-day operations.

While their function is no different from that of a physical desktop, what makes a hosted desktop different is that all the data is kept and stored in secure data centres. The data can then be constantly updated and scaled anytime, depending on the firm’s needs, while boasting industry-leading levels of security.

Here are five ways that a hosted desktop can help your firm:


Data centres often feature 24/7 monitoring services that ensure the privacy of files and keep it away from prying eyes.


Hosted desktops can be accessed from anywhere at any time and can be scaled depending on current needs.

Backups upon backups

No need to worry about losing data anymore. Data centres routinely backup data to prevent loss and downtime.


In case something catastrophic occurs, data centres have fail-safes in place that guarantee that the files can be restored and recovered anytime.

Minimal investment

Hosted desktops are a very cost-effective solution for law firms of any size. You don’t need to make space for them. Not to mention, they can be grown or streamlined, depending on the law firm’s needs.

You simply pay for the subscription that your law firm needs and upgrade as necessary.

How Safe is a Hosted Desktop?

In most cases, a hosted desktop is much more secure and safe compared to a physical desktop. This is because hosting services and providers employ numerous and redundant measures to keep data private and secure, while also making it accessible at any time and recoverable in a worst-case scenario.

You’re much more likely to suffer a data breach because of careless sharing of passwords between staff, rather than a problem with your server hosting provider.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that the goal of data centres is not to make your data 100% secure. Instead, their goal is to deter and minimise the data of a potential breach.

Improving IT Security By Outsourcing

IT security is not an easy subject to understand. Not to mention, you are a law firm, which means that this is not your core competency.

With that said, it’s important to get in touch with a leading law firm IT provider like Innessco. We can help you identify the potential vulnerabilities of your firm’s IT system, and how to address them with a hosted desktop.

If you’d like to know more about your law firm’s current IT needs, click here for a quick assessment.