A hosted desktop is the ideal solution to the ever-growing list of billable work that a law firm has to complete daily.

Desktop hosting services, otherwise known as “Desktop as a Service” or DaaS, uses a cloud-based platform to give users immediate and real-time access to data and applications via the internet. This means that staff can have access to the law firm’s practice management software from anywhere and using any device.

Solving Productivity Drains With a Hosted Desktop

Using a hosted desktop can solve numerous challenges faced by today’s law firms, especially in IT, such as:

  • The constant need to keep each physical computer’s software up to date. Desktop hosting services solve this problem by giving each employee access to the same version of the software or document that’s stored on the cloud server.
  • On a physical server, backing up data is done manually. In an emergency event, such back-ups could be lost, along with the primary files. A hosted desktop solves this by creating back-ups as soon as software or document is updated. At the same time, the system also automatically creates back-ups in case of a disaster.
  • The average employee can waste as much as half an hour every day just trying to solve computer issues. This number balloons when you consider the amount of downtime brought by regular maintenance and updates. However, with a hosted desktop, all maintenance and updates are done automatically by the provider. What’s even better is that these are usually done after work hours.

Today’s workforce has changed, and it will only continue to change in the future.

The need to have access to work data and files on the go has never been greater. Letting your law firm fall behind the times can result in a lot of lost productivity. Not to mention, you may lose out on attracting top talent because of your failure to utilise modern technology.

Using a hosted desktop is not an end-all, be-all solution. However, it is a start.

Desktop hosting services solves many of your staff’s common problems. This includes worrying about having to store the files on a physical device and risk losing it when on the go. Or, having to figure out if their physical computer is using the same software or document version as the rest of his or her peers. Instead, by using a hosted desktop, you allow your staff to shift their focus on getting billable work done and meeting client needs.

The Future of Using a Hosted Desktop in Your Law Firm

The possibilities of using desktop hosting services in your law firm are endless.

The increase in productivity for staff members across all levels and the marked improvement in security, as well as downtime, while keeping employees connected via a cloud-based server hosting structure is more than enough of a reason to consider using a hosted desktop at your law firm.

But that’s not all.

Using a hosted desktop today sets your law firm up to take early advantage of the improvements brought by transitioning to a cloud-based platform down the line.

Here at Innessco, we make sure that your law firm receives the support, security, and safety that it needs. This is thanks to our specialised knowledge of the performance needs in the IT security of law firms.

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