Most law firms don’t have enough IT work to go around to warrant an in-house IT department. When they do, attracting and retaining full-time IT specialists become an expensive venture that almost always isn’t worth the investment.

This is why the alternative, hiring an outsourced IT provider, is such an attracting option for a majority of law firms.

But choosing an IT provider is much easier said than done.

Your firm specializes in law, after all. You most likely don’t know what managed IT services or remote access to your firm’s practice management software mean and if ever you’re going to need managed services IT in the first place. You probably have no clue what your law firm will need tomorrow and down the line.

What to Consider When Choosing an Outsourced IT Provider

Four factors come into play when choosing an IT provider for your law firm.

Giving each one its due diligence will greatly increase the chances that your law firm will end up working with an IT provider that will work closely with it towards making operations as efficient and effective as possible.

1. Experience

Nothing beats experience.

Choosing to work with an IT provider with a proven track record and years of experience providing IT services within your industry will bring your firm some much-needed peace of mind going forward.

Make sure to look for client reviews, quotes, testimonials, and referrals.

Don’t be afraid to ask other law firms how their experience has been while working with their respective IT providers as well.

2. Values and culture

A provider that shares your firm’s core values and culture will be able to better understand what it is you’re trying to achieve. They will essentially become an extension of your firm and will be just as invested in your firm’s growth as you will be.

3. Size

Bigger isn’t always better. But then again, don’t work with smaller providers just because you believe your firm isn’t as big either. Instead, understand that your firm’s needs today won’t be the same as it will be in the next few years.

Focus on working with a provider that will be able to provide your managed IT services today and be capable of meeting your firm’s growing demands in the near future.

4. Specialization

The ideal IT provider will specialize in your industry. They will have already worked with other law firms. Because of this, they’ll already have an intimate understanding of the industry and the IT systems you use.

Remember, just as your clients picked your law firm based on your specialisation, you should do the same for your company’s IT services.

Why Finding the Right IT Provider Is Important

The best place to start when looking for a good IT provider that offers managed IT services for law firms, cloud hosting, remote desktop solutions, among others, is to contact other law firms.

Recommendations from within the industry will prove valuable in your search. Not to mention, they’ll have a more intimate experience working with several providers due to their own personal experience.

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