The dynamic nature and inherent scalability of using a hosted desktop make them the perfect tool for growing law firms.

The modern workforce now demands access to data from anywhere at any time and using any device available to them. So, the need to have a hosted desktop integrated at your law firm is only becoming more evident.

There are several factors affecting change as well, including:

  • An increasingly mobile workforce, with staff preferring the convenience and freedom to be able to work from multiple places
  • The rise of remote workers
  • More and more workers today prefer to bring and use their own devices
  • Budget constraints and the added premium of maintaining, as well as updating, existing IT infrastructure
  • The constant need for upgrades, updates, and migration

To stay competitive in today’s market, a law firm must take a proactive approach toward staying relevant.

This is where integrating a hosted desktop comes in.

Using a hosted desktop is one of the most effective ways a law firm can maintain relevance, flexibility, and improve productivity, all at the same time.

How Bad IT Can Hold Your Law Firm Back

Even though your law firm may not have used a hosted desktop in the past, it’s highly likely that the firm already has IT infrastructure in place. The problem is this infrastructure was likely designed with a smaller law firm in mind.

Sooner or later, you’ll find out that your aging IT system will no longer be able to support the growing needs of your law firm.

If you let this go on, you put your law firm at risk of:

  • Loss of revenue due to downtime
  • Data loss and security breaches
  • Minimised productivity due to lag
  • Growing expenses spent on fixing IT issues

The presence of having an on-site IT team was great starting out. However, many law firms have IT systems in place that are neither dynamic nor futureproof. Because of this, these legacy infrastructures can and will struggle to keep up with the increased demand for further Managed IT services for law firms.

Instead of being assets, they become a liability that can hold your law firm back.

That’s a problem that a hosted desktop can solve.

How Hosted Desktop Can Facilitate Growth in Your Law Firm

As your law firm grows and gains more staff and clients, transitioning to a cloud-based practice management software (and other more dynamic hosting services) makes sense. It will allow you to comfortably adapt to your firm’s growing needs with minimal to zero growing pains.

Here are the numerous benefits using a hosted desktop can have on your law firm:

  • Improved accessibility
  • Minimal capital investment
  • Lower operating costs
  • Better responsiveness
  • Specially customised to your business needs.
  • Heightened security against breaches and data losses
  • Stability and business continuity
  • Predictable expenses
  • Futureproofing
  • Better green profile

And, of course, a marked increase in productivity among staff in billable work.

Using a hosted desktop solution can bring higher uptime levels and lower downtimes. It can also help improve performance and give staff members more opportunities to collaborate. Hosted desktop services also offer staff the freedom to work from anywhere, mitigating any hours lost to travelling. All of which help increase relevant work productivity within the firm.

Here at Innessco, we provide adaptable hosting services that support your law firm’s current and future needs. We specialise in providing hosted desktop services unique to law firms. Thus, we able to solve and prevent your law firm’s unique problems better than other professionals with little to no experience in law IT.

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