Law firms may find it tempting to keep their IT provider in-house. After all, most law firms perform majority of their business’ aspects internally. From human resources to finance and accounting, law firms have a tendency to keep everything to themselves.

We argue that IT shouldn’t be looked at in the same light.

IT is a specialised service. It is highly technical in nature. Professionals spend years cultivating their skills in this industry. As such, lawyers and associates alike shouldn’t be expected to know enough about IT to make a sound decision.

These days, technology has improved to the point that many of the old processes such as physical document management, having to work in the office and more can all be improved, if not simplified. Because of this, it’s the law firms that invest in the right IT provider that reap the benefits of such improvements and changes.

These benefits include:

1. Access to IT experts who specialize in providing IT service to law firms

Most law firms already outsource some of their responsibilities. Paralegal work, such as legal research, patent preparation, and document review, among others, as well as accounting, are commonly outsourced to companies that house specialised experts.

The same logic and reasoning apply to outsourcing your IT to a provier that specalises in providing service to law firms.

By bringing in a team of experts with intimate knowledge in law firm IT and systems, as well as how firms operate in general, ensures you have a team of experts that can handle any IT issue quickly and optimize your current practice management system to serve you better. This decision to outsource your IT responsibilities frees up your law firm’s staff to focus their efforts towards legal competency and other crucial functions.

2. Minimal staffing costs

When outsourcing services, the burden of the overhead costs fall under the vendors. This frees up the law firm from financial obligations outside of its involvement with the contractor, which, in this case, is the IT provider.

So, when the service supply or contract ends, so do both party’s financial relationship with each other.

3. 24/7 Helpdesk Support

A competent IT provider will most likely offer extensive support to its clients. This includes comprehensive IT staffing solutions and 24/7 Helpdesk support, among others.

Both of these services help mitigate the perceived disadvantage of not having on-site IT staff members. By having on-call IT staffing solutions, as well as 24/7 Helpdesk support, problems are solved immediately. In fact, a competent IT provider will usually provide round-the-clock support to its clients. They often take a proactive stance against potential issues and problems and solving them before they emerge or cause a disturbance.

4. Security and convenience

When you make the decision to outsource your IT to an IT service provider, you’re usually given an option to migrate part or all of your data to the cloud, where it is kept safe and secure. But more importantly, doing this also allows your staff remote access to data and applications. This includes your law firm’s preferred practice management software and other important files.

5. Higher overall competency and productivity

Managing, hiring, and maintaining IT operations in-house can cause your law firm numerous problems down the line. In the meantime, just taking the lawyer’s and associate’s focus away from billable work and legal matters can negatively affect the company’s overall performance. But by outsourcing to an IT service provider, the law firm can focus more on important what will help the law firm grow today and tomorrow.

The Strategic Advantage of Outsourcing to an IT Provider

The decision to hire an IT provider is sometimes simply a matter of strategic advantage.

Just as you outsource your dental health to a dental professional that has spent years studying their craft, the same reasoning applies to the decision to outsource your IT.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how large or small your law firm is – it will need a sophisticated IT system to support your growing firm.

Here at Innessco, we are an IT service provider that specialise in providing IT solutions to small and mid-sized law firms. We handle IT so law firms can focus on legal matters and serving their clients.

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