It’s a nightmare situation. That all important file that you were preparing for a client – lost.

You don’t have the time to prepare it again, the deadline is too near. That ship has sailed. What do you do?

Naturally, your first port of call is your in-house or outsourced IT department, to see if they can potentially recover the file for you.

If they can, they might be saving a lot more than the file.

Maybe it’s more than one file on the line? Maybe it’s a whole office worth of computers?

Whatever it is, you want to make sure that your IT department is completely up to any challenge that comes their way.

But what happens if they aren’t? Why wouldn’t your IT department know how to deal with that situation?

Your outsourced IT department

There are many different reasons why an IT department can fail to prevent or deal with a threat

3 Reasons why your in-house or outsourced IT department could fail you

Here are 3 reasons why they might not be able to handle a threat to your business.

  1. You need additional policies and procedures in place.

Take the scenario above. A missing or accidentally deleted file.

If processes and procedures for file recovery haven’t been properly implemented – that file is not coming back.

Procedures to deal with IT issues are essential, as is the knowledge of the best way to apply them to your Law firm. Without them, a lost file could be the least of your worries. This is why managing your in-house or outsourced IT department is so crucial.

Without the correct processes, procedures and policies, your in-house or outsourced IT department won’t be able to effectively do their job.

For more details on how to better implement policy and procedure in your IT team, check out our “3 top tips to get the most out of your IT department” blog here.


  1. Your IT department doesn’t have the expertise to deal with every problem it encounters.

If your IT team is relatively small you might find yourself in a situation where no one is able to help with the technological problem you’re currently facing. Putting your files and your firm at great risk.

This is not saying that your IT department is inexperienced or unqualified for the job, but that your IT department may not be able to handle all of the problems that they come across in their day to day activities.

For example, you may have an IT specialist that is skilled in dealing with cyber security threats, but they may not be as skilled in optimising system efficiency.


  1. Your IT department isn’t keeping up with your growth.

Sometimes the man-power is simply not there to deal with the kinds of problems that Law firms typically deal with.

A smaller IT department in a small firm may encounter the exact same problems as a larger IT department at a large firm. However, they have just a fraction of the manpower to deal with the situation.

Law firms experiencing sudden periods of growth are particularly vulnerable – as the IT department is often unable to keep up with company expansion and the additional pressure on IT systems that this brings.

What can I do to fight these threats?

If any of these 3 reasons are causing problems in your firm, you need to evaluate your approach to IT crises!

You need access to:

  • A team of multidisciplinary IT specialists – so you are equipped to tackle any IT problem that comes your way.
  • Tailor made procedures and policies for your firm – make sure your defence strategy is developed for your firm and your IT systems by the people that know best.
  • Greater efficiency and visibility across all of your accounts – this will strengthen your IT system and make it less prone to threats.
  • 24/7 support – Get the help you and your IT team require whenever you need it.
Outsource your IT management

Minimising the threat to your IT systems is within your grasp.

You might be thinking “if I had all of that then I wouldn’t face as many IT problems”, and you’re right – but how do you get an optimised IT team that can deliver the needs of your firm? We can help.

Getting the right help for your firm

If your law firm is exposed to IT failure, you need to act before it affects your team, your firm and your clients.

If your IT department aren’t able to support your needs, we can help.

Having a specialised IT department at your fingertips that have the expertise to manage any technological threats, means you can rest assure that IT is doing its job.

Not only can we support your firm by acting as your outsourced IT department, we also host all of your infrastructure on our highly secure servers.

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