With the sheer amount of information and legal documents that they manage daily, the law firms of today could stand to benefit from a hosted desktop. They help guarantee business continuity and regulatory compliance. It’s also a safe and secure working process that grants staff real-time access to documents.

Below, we will highlight how capitalising on the advancements in cloud technology via a hosted desktop solution can benefit your law firm.

How Does a Hosted Desktop Work?

With hosted desktop services, your staff can access all your firm’s files and its practice management software via the internet using laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. But if you’re worried if whether your data is safe, don’t be.

A hosted desktop stores all your data at a secure data centre, so it’s not just “floating around” over the internet.

How Will a Hosted Desktop Help Your Law Firm?

The main reason why more and more law firms are moving to non-traditional solutions like hosted desktops is that a hosted desktop incorporates both infrastructure and software. They essentially render moot the need for having an in-house IT staff. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe, and is being maintained by professional IT experts. (For a fraction of the cost of retaining an entire IT team.)

There are also countless ways hosted desktops can help law firms, such as:

One-off software implementation

The trouble of having to install and save the necessary files and software on every single computer used within the firm is partly the reason why having an onsite IT team comes in handy.

With a hosted desktop, one-off software implementation means that all staff can have access to all files and software on any device that they log on to.

Automatic software updates

Another one of the responsibilities of the onsite IT team in a law firm is to update software for each computer manually. But that’s a problem that a hosted desktop solves as well.

Instead of multiple manual downloads, a hosted desktop receives automatic software updates for all users.


Installing separate software for every computer can be costly. However, with a hosted desktop, your law firm only needs to concern itself with one installation. This makes it very cost-effective.

Is Your Hosted Desktop Managed?

A managed hosted desktop means that you have a dedicated technical manager keeping an eye on your data at all times. This makes sure that everything is running smoothly, and problems are solved quickly.

In case of an emergency, such as a breach or a disaster, managed hosted desktop services help guarantee that you can recover your data.

A Provider That Your Firm Can Trust

The ideal provider for your law firm’s IT services, including a hosted desktop solution, has an intimate understanding of the IT challenges faced by law firms.

At Innessco, our team of IT experts deliver sophisticated IT solutions. This includes offsite backup, performance management, hosted desktop services, virtual servers, website, and email hosting, among others.

We have experience servicing law firms to help ensure that they are compliant, competent, and profitable.

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