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Productivity Tip: Backup your Home PC 

The Innessco team recommend cloud based backups for home PCs - Carbonite on Windows PCs and iCloud on Apple.  Remembering that over the Christmas break many fabulous photographs were taken, now is a good time to extend your onsite backup to offsite as well to guard against theft or fire.  Both products have excellent configuration documentation on their website. 

  • How to configure Carbonite – Use the Carbonite website and follow the Try => Personal Plan links 
  • How to configure iCloud – Apple has great documentation for each device you wish to connect here 

The recommendation follows three of our Innessco business principles 

  • Use technology the way it is designed – PC products for PCs and Apple products for Apple 
  • Use a simple solution well – both products are not feature rich, they provide the service they advertise very well 
  • Always test and confirm – this part is up to you! 

Added to this having an off-site backup completes third part of Innessco’s recommended “3-2-1 Backup Principle” 

  • 3 copies of your data 
  • 2 different media types 
  • 1 copy offsite 

iCloud Costs 

  • First 5GB are Free 
  • Upto 15GB $21 per year 
  • Upto 55GB $105 per year 

Note: The quotes are directly from Apple

Carbonite Costs 

  • US$59.95 per computer 

Final backup management tips: 

  1. Consolidated all your photos onto one computer 
  2. Check your backups are running regularly 

Offsite Backup for Your Server 

For your business, Innessco offers the Innessco Offsite Backup product.  Innessco has identified three key areas to watch out for: 

  • Where is your data? 
  • Is anyone managing the operations? 
  • How quickly can you access your data when you need it? 

Innessco is able to configure, monitor and access your data quickly by using the Innessco Hosting Center to store your data.  The data is stored in Global Switch Australia and accessible by Innessco technicians at a moments notice.

This month Innessco is offering the first 3 months free with all 24 month plans.

Please call 02 8011 0669 or email Robert Cox before the end of February to commit, mentioning this offer

Innessco Hosted Email 

Innessco recently upgraded our data center to deliver Hosted Email on Microsoft Exchange 2013.  The starters package offers: 

  • Up-to 2GB per Mailbox 
  • Pre-configured Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam services 
  • Storage in Australian Data Centers 
  • Access from up-to 4 supported mobile devices 
  • True Synchronization of Email, Calendars and Contacts 
  • Access to a help-desk via telephone to resolve your problem 

For a full product price list, click here

Click here of email Robert Cox for more information. 


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