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Improve efficiency and visibility, stay up to date with the latest technology and get the most out of your systems and applications from experts in law firm IT who know practice management software.

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Ensure your IT systems can continue to support you and your clients as your firm grows or changes. Enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere with remote access to all documents and applications.

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Protect private data with
the heightened security
benefits of a hosted desktop
environment, including
increased safeguards,
secure data back-up and
reduced breach rates.

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Reduce IT issues and delays
caused by outages with
access to an expert,
24-7 IT support team
that is familiar with
your firm and your
IT needs.

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Don’t let poor IT services slow your law firm down.

A poorly managed IT system can cause havoc to a law firm. Without good legal practice management software and dedicated law firm IT experts to patrol it, you and your staff can spend hours of wasted time fixing IT issues, while risking the security of your work and your staff’s happiness. Buying into a tier one IT environment can help overcome these issues and provide seamless IT service, firm-wide.

Tier one IT speaks to the best possible IT environment for your law firm. It will let you get the most out of your applications, provide the best internal experience for staff and to deliver the best service to clients.

There are three main components to achieving tier one IT for your law firm

Specialist Provider

An IT provider that specialises in law IT can take your service to new levels with existing knowledge not only of IT, but of your applications, needs, system set up and PMS.

Hosted Desktop

A hosted desktop solution can do everything a local desktop can but are also accessible from anywhere via the internet, report fewer errors, and offer a higher level of security.

Outsourced Services

Law firm outsourced IT gives you 24/7 access to a team of experts that know IT and law firms and can provide consistent high-quality service delivery and respond to any issue quickly.

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A free guide that covers everything we know about achieving tier one IT for boutique law firms – in plain English.

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We’ve worked with over 50 boutique law firms across Australia to create a tier one IT environment.

Rolf Howard – Managing Partner, Owen Hodge Lawyers

“We needed good, reliable, and scalable IT capacity – and that is now our reality. They are a better IT department than we’ve ever had.”

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